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Marc Barrett is an industry legend and expert in MLM for over 22 years. His nationally recognized expertise in marketing has helped many reach their goals.

Marc has extensive business background in international marketing of consumer products, development of sales and marketing organizations, real estate development, and investments.

His first introduction to the network marketing industry was 22 years ago, where he discovered the true art of leverage, and the power of marketing. He developed powerful mass marketing and lead generation systems and within 2 years achieved top distributor status.

 During that time he was known for his extensive training and marketing expertise which enabled him to develop a sales team of over 50,000  representatives.

After retiring from active involvement he worked with several other network marketing companies as a lead distributor and developed large organizations for each of them. He also served as advisor on the Presidential Advisory and Product Advisory boards of several network marketing companies.

He has authored audio training programs, video presentation materials, streaming media, and other online support materials that have sold thousands of copies.

Because of his expertise and success in marketing in the direct sales business he has been featured in 4 nationally published books on direct sales and network marketing, including:

  • Network Marketing – Another Form of Direct Sales Elizabeth I Kearney, Ph.D. & Michale J. Bandley, Ph.D. copyright 1990


  • The Wave 3 Way to Building your Downline Richard Poe (Former editor Success Magazine), copyright 1997


  • The New Entrepreneurs Rene Reid Yarnell, copyright 1999


  • Your First Year in Network Marketing Mark Yarnell & Rene Reid Yarnell 1998

Taking what he had learned and perfected from traditional marketing channels, he branched into the Online world and developed powerful marketing and lead generation strategies to tap the power of the internet.

He can assist clients seeking to leverage their business using the power of the internet by using online channels such as Pay Per Click marketing, Social Media Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Blog Marketing and Search engine optimization.

Because of his unique understanding of traditional offline as well as online marketing tools and strategies for business development he was recently awarded  "Mastermind Team" designation for a large internet marketing company that specializes in teaching members how to use the power of the internet to accelerate their business development.

What We do

My Consulting business specializes in helping people in the Home Based Business arena to develop a successful business model and then implement marketing strategies that utilize the power of the internet with online marketing approaches as well as traditional offline marketing tools and systems if necessary.

Learning how to put your home business on the right track generally results in MORE TRAFFIC, MORE LEADS, MORE SALES, AND MORE PROFIT.

Over the last 23 years I have worked with thousands of people in the Home Based Business and Network Marketing arenas, so in a word I've been there. I know how important it is to develop and implement a business model that is based on sound marketing principals not just blindly following the advice of your upline or others in your business who are working with outdated business models that are based totally on luck.

Look building any home business like Network Marketing is hard, and you owe it to yourself to not make "EXPENSIVE MISTAKES" and spend countless "HOURS of FRUSTRATION" working with an "OBSOLETE" Network Marketing business plan such as chasing your "Warm Market" around. Save yourself the pain and give yourself the edge you deserve.

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